My Projects

LibVLC based Subtitle Editor-Software Engineering Project

LibVLC is the core functions and service of VLC player put into together to form the cross platform library. Since VLC is good audio and video playback application using its function to implement subtitle editor software, can achieve such capabilities for playback and subtitle controlling.

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Automated test case generation tool for WSO2 products - GSOC 2014

org.wso2.carbon.automation.tools is the component for the WSO2 Test automation framewrok. It let developed and specially for non-technical people to test the WSO2 Carbon based product. It used the natural language instead java or other Programming language.

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Unhosted email web application- Final Year project

Implementing a Web mail client which is not connected to any particular mail servers. Let users to connect to any mail servers, providing offline features plus high rich user experience.

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GeoWave Monitor: Map-Based Accumulo Status and Health - GSOC 2015

Apache Accumulo provide the Accumulo overview page to provide Statistical data based on the Accumulo Data. It include the Table, Tablet and Tablet server based statistics. In this project, idea is to provide same set of statistical information in a different manner. Using same Data, represent them as a Geospatial information will give and very descriptive and easy interpretation to the users. Thus, using Geo spatial information represent Stat related to the Tablet and Tablet information display on a Map.

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